Memory leak while exporting torchscript using torch.jit.trace

I have found there is obvious memory leak when I try to export torchscript multiple times.
Here is the piece of code to reproduce this fault. The process may occupy over 20 GB RAM after exporting resnet50 40 times.

import torch
import torchvision.models as vision_models
from torchvision.models import resnet

resnet50 = vision_models.resnet50()

for i in range(1000):
    jit_resnet50 = torch.jit.trace(resnet50, torch.randn(16, 3, 448, 448))
    print('{} times of jit trace done!'.format(i + 1))
    jit_resnet50 = None

Pytorch version: 1.10.0

Platform: Ubuntu 18.04, with or without CUDA

Oh oh. I think this is half-expected because of how TorchScript’s caching works. It isn’t a good thing, though, and at least there should be a way to reset things.

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