Memory Leaks in Trans. Conv

I have noticed that used GPU memory after transposed convolution does not correspond to the estimated GPU memory.

def get_gpu_memory_map():
    result = subprocess.check_output(
            'nvidia-smi', '--query-gpu=memory.used',
    return float(result)

conv1 = nn.Sequential(nn.Conv3d(in_channels=8, out_channels=8, kernel_size=4, stride=1, padding=1),
                        nn.LeakyReLU(negative_slope=0.1, inplace=True),

deconv1 = nn.Sequential(nn.ConvTranspose3d(in_channels=8, out_channels=8, kernel_size=4, stride=2, padding=1),
                        nn.LeakyReLU(negative_slope=0.1, inplace=True),

deconv2 = nn.ConvTranspose3d(in_channels=8, out_channels=1, kernel_size=4, stride=2, padding=1).float().cuda()
gpu_init = get_gpu_memory_map()
inp = Variable(th.rand(1, 8, 64, 256, 256).cuda())

gpu_before = get_gpu_memory_map()
print 'before deconvolution %f, should be %f' % (gpu_before-gpu_init, float(8*64*256*256*32) / (8*1024*1024))

out =  deconv1(inp)

gpu_after1 =  get_gpu_memory_map()
print 'after 1st deconvolution %f, should be %f' % (gpu_after1-gpu_init, float(8*128*512*512*32 + 8*64*256*256*32) / (8*1024*1024))

out =  deconv2(out)

gpu_after2 = get_gpu_memory_map()
print 'after 2nd deconvolution %f, should be %f'  % (gpu_after2-gpu_init, float(1*128*1024*1024*32 + 8*64*256*256*32) / (8*1024*1024))

before deconvolution 128.000000, should be 128.000000
after 1st deconvolution 2241.000000, should be 1152.000000
after 2nd deconvolution 3265.000000, should be 640.000000

Does this suggest memory leak?

I am using Pytorch 0.2.0_4, cuda8, cudnn7 and cudnn.benchmark = True flag.

When you work with Variable, some intermediate results are saved to be able to perform the backward pass if you ever call it.
Moreover, pytorch uses a custom allocator on gpu for efficiency reasons, so the memory that is freed is not returned to the gpu. You can use torch.cuda.empty_cache() to remove all unused memory from the custom allocator.

Thank you! I forgot to make them volatile in this example, but it does not affect the results much.