Missing some header files in Conda package

Hi! I’ve installed PyTorch using the standard Conda route (showing this version on my machine: pytorch=1.10.0=py3.8_cuda11.3_cudnn8.2.0_0)

I am trying to include this file:


However, when I try to compile my project, it seems to be missing this: torch/csrc/distributed/rpc/py_rref.h

It seems as if the wheel was built with USE_DISTRIBUTED=1 but then the files are not packaged. What is the correct thing to do in this case?

Could you describe your use case a bit more, please?
Where do you want to include this file and which application claims the py_rref.h is missing?
It sounds as if you would like to build another application using the pre-built conda binaries?

Ah, I solved this by setting some flags in various places. Now getting a different error here → PyBind11 doesn't recognize `torch._C.ScriptModule` as `torch::jit::Module`