Module 'torchvision.datasets' has no attribute 'matcifar'

did anyone know how to solve this problem
i have read the document of torchvision,but i couldn’t find ‘matcifar’,
help pls
my pytorch vision is 0.3.1,torchvision is 0.2.0

import torchvision.datasets as dset
train_dataset = dset.matcifar(imdb, train=True, d=3, medicinal=0)

test_dataset = dset.matcifar(imdb, train=False, d=3, medicinal=0)

need help guys, i can’t google this either

matcifar is not in torchvision.datasets, so I’m unsure where this dataset is coming from.

yes, i’m so confused, i really couldn’t find matcifar in [torchvision.datasets], but it’s used indeed in some code from part of paper i have read

I assume you’ve used a repository from the authors? If so, did you see, if the authors have forked torchvision and have added this particular dataset?

I wonder how did you fix the problem,cause i am facing the exact same problem. Matcifar is in someone’s code and I can’t run the code.