ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'Conv'

I am getting the above error message. Which module do i need to install to use this module please?

I have tried to install conda install -c conda-forge pytorch_spline_conv

But still getting an error message when running the code?

Many Thanks

Is the Conv module specific to pytorch_spline_conv or the PyTorch nn.ConvXd?
Also, you’ve used to category kornia, but it seems to be unrelated to it or is kornia raising this error?

Thanks! I think it’s specific for nn.ConvXd I have changed the category to vision only.

Could you post the code, which raises this issue, please?
Based on the error message, it seems you are trying to use:

import Conv
> ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'Conv'

If you want to use the nn.ConvXd layers, you would have to use:

import torch.nn as nn
conv = nn.Conv2d(...)
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Many Thanks for your help. It turn out that i haven’t copied the file that’s why i was getting this error message. Thanks for your reply.