Multi-strean Resenet50 or I3D version

i trained two models based on I3D from mmaction2 config , one for RGB dataset and the second for optical flow , i need to fuse the best models but i need flexibility to fuse them at any layer or final stage classifier , i need design class that take the pretarined model (pth) as base and creat new model ,that i can make choice in which layer i concatenate outputs to feed than one branch , final classifier .

my first is to fuse them before feeding final head as i3d , the second time i will freeze up layers and fuse outputs to train new weights and bias of the same architecture of i3d (inflated resnet50)

Double post from here without sufficient information what exactly the question is.

I need to design model based on mmaction2 framework , so i need to go with config , to build model based on resnet50 multistream , dataset with multi frames types (rgb frames , optical flow frames )