Mypy classifies torchvision imports as Any by default

I noticed that mypy seems to classify all torchvision imports as Any whereas this isn’t the case for torch.

For example, running the follow script

from torch import Tensor
from torchvision.models._api import Weights
from torchvision.transforms import Compose


yields note: Revealed type is "Overload(def (*args: Any, *, device: Union[torch._C.device, builtins.str,, None] =) -> torch._tensor.Tensor, def (storage: torch.types.Storage) -> torch._tensor.Tensor, def (other: torch._tensor.Tensor) -> torch._tensor.Tensor, def (size: Union[torch._C.Size, builtins.list[], builtins.tuple[, ...]], *, device: Union[torch._C.device, builtins.str,, None] =) -> torch._tensor.Tensor)" note: Revealed type is "Any" note: Revealed type is "Any"
Success: no issues found in 1 source file

Could someone point out why this occurs?