Natural Image vs Real Image vs Image?

Could we say the image a natural image collected from internet sources flickers, google , and many other source.

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Of course it depends on your own interpretation of what “natural” images are, but I would not call all images from Flickr, Google, etc. “natural”. I’ve seen some definitions of “natural” images as images captured by a camera/smartphone/etc. datasets such as CIFAR or ImageNet come to mind.

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Thank you for your response.

Would you call MIT-Indoor-67 and Event-8 datasets images natural images? As I have read in some papers calling MIT-Indoor-67 natural images.

Yes, I would probably call these dataset natural, but it would also depend on the setting, i.e. what you are comparing them against.

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Thank you so much… I am comparing these datasets with Fashion-MNIST. … What we call Fashion-MNIST images then?