Need help passing in 2D Matrix to Conv1D layer and outputting a softmax probability

Hi how’s it going? I’m trying to build a model that takes in a 2D Matrix as a single sample and outputs the row index that’s the best action by using softmax.

This is what I have so far:

names = ['Bob','Henry','Mike','Phil']

max_squat = [300,400,200,100]

max_bench = [200,100,225,100]

max_deadlift = [600,400,300,225]

strongest_worker_df = pd.DataFrame({'Name':names,'Max_Squat':max_squat,'Max_Bench':max_bench,'Max_Deadlift':max_deadlift})

Screenshot (33)

class Policy(nn.Module):  

   def __init__(self): 
       super(Policy, self).__init__() 
       self.layer1 = torch.nn.Conv1d(in_channels=4, out_channels=4, kernel_size=3, stride=1) 

   def forward(self, x): 

       x = self.layer1(x) 
       x = F.softmax(x,dim=1)

       return x 

   def act(self, state):

       state = state.float()
       value = self.forward(state)

       return value

policy = Policy()
result = policy.act(input_torch)

The result shape is torch.Size([1,4,1]). How do I get this to output a column vector instead?

Also, is Conv1D with kernel size equal to number of features per row the most logical approach to this input state representation?