Need old version pytorch 0.3.0 for windows

Hi. Need old version pytorch 0.3.0 for windows install via conda for using my GPU gt 750m - help me pls… Old topics via internet not work today, need fresh help

Based on the release notes PyTorch 0.4.0 introduced Windows support.

Thx , is this 0.4.0 release support CUDA computation at my old Geforce GT 750m ?

I guess so, but don’t know as 0.4.0 is ~4.5 years old, so you could try it out.
Obviously I would not recommend using such an old version as it’s older now than the lifetime of other frameworks :wink:

Hi Alexey!

I had a similar question some years back. i was referred to some unofficial
“legacy builds” and was able to install version 0.3.0 on my windows machine
and run it on its k1100m gpu. See the following post and the links it contains:

However, 0.3.0 is very old now – many more bugs and missing features than
recent versions. You will almost certainly be better off figuring out some sort
of solution that permits you to use an up-to-date version of pytorch.


K. Frank