Network forward/backward calculation precision error?


I have set the torch.manual_seed(100), and torch.cuda.manual_seed_all(100). I tried re-run the network training again and found that the train loss slightly changes in each epoch (I have confirmed I have the same data shuffle order and data input). Why does this happen? Precision error?

I have uploaded the training and test loss. "mode:0 (training); “mode:1 (test)”. Two images represent two experiments. You can see at first the training loss is the same in 0 epoch in both experiments, but then it gradually differentiate and it is somewhat different at the 10th epoch, ie.g., 0.062917 vs 0.062686.


Do you use cudnn? cudnn algorithms are not deterministic by default, you need to set the torch.backends.cudnn.deterministic=True flag. Note that this will have a potentially big runtime impact.

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Perfect. Thanks… Got fixed. This thread also talk about the issue (How to confugure pytorch to get deterministic results?)