New tutorials page


We’ve replaced the old notebook based tutorials to better looking sphinx-gallery based tutorials. You can still download notebooks for individual tutorials.

You can find them at

Do you have any feedback?



Nice work !

Pros :
I think it’s a good point to centralize documentation/tutorials on the same website. I really like the left navigation panel, it’s easy to find what you want ++.

On the other hand I am not as much pleased by the way the tutorial is displayed, it is really dense and hard to get all the information. Because a lot of information is located on the same area, it is not pleasant to read it. I think the next improvement would be to work on a way to make each section more visible.
It makes me realize that I liked the fact that in ipython notebooks, having individual cells makes the whole process easier to get: one cell = one idea, this is actually what I think is missing here.
It’s also strange that the main content uses only half of the screen on a regular display.

This work does really matter for the community, thanks !

Thanks for the reply.

Since I broke down the long and monolithic notebook tutorials into pieces and sections, I was of the impression that they are easier to read.

Can you please illustrate your point with an example/screenshot?

As I said, what I liked in ipython, was that each step was contained in a single cell, then moving to another one meant changing of task. The whole page doesn’t seem as fluid to read as before. I don’t really know how to solve this, maybe it’s okay not having cells anymore and we can move to another design, but I don’t feel really comfortable with it right now. To me it requires thinking of how each step in the tutorial is designed, so that we can follow much easier. A first step may be to join a code panel and its associated result panel, without space between.

One reason why it didn’t feel like there are cells is that code and text are in same colour. I changed that. It should look better now.


I really like the new tutorials page. Its easily accessible compared to the old one and is part of the documentation as well. Will you be adding more tutorials that others have written and available on github? Also, it’ll be nice to have a tutorial on using torchtext.


We can. Which one are you interested in? May be you can raise a PR with a tutorial. README of repo describes how to add a new tutorial fairly well.


I’ll try to do that. Meanwhile here are my stars on Github, I think some of them are already on the tutorial:

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I wrote a cs231n course themed cifar10 classification code. The github project repository is here and I talk about the code in this blog post.

It is not in the “tutorial” format, but I thought I would share it with the community. If there is another way to share personal projects that might be of help to others please let me know.


thanks for sharing shaun!