Newbie using Pytorch3D

I’ll preface this by saying I’m very new to pytorch and coding in general and a lot of my errors are probably concepts that just go over my head.

I’m a student trying to utilize some of these models in my own studies, specifically the texture renderer and point cloud voxel model. I’ve started to use the google colab however whenever I try to put in my own .obj, .mtl, .jpg I get a 403 error. I was wondering if that is because the access to individual experimentation with the code is restricted or if it’s a problem on my end. Thanks!

I assume the 403 forbidden error is raised by Colab or any other server and not by PyTorch or any library using it.
If so I guess your drive/server/… doesn’t allow Colab to read the data and you would need to mount it somehow etc.

Ok thanks! Do you know of any good tutorials or starting points you could direct me towards?