nn.BatchNorm2d forward pass calculate in training mode

I try to re-produce the forward pass of nn.BatchNorm2d in training mode as follows:

bn = nn.BatchNorm2d(16)
data = 2.2+torch.randn(32,16,10,10).float()      
out_bn = bn(data)
my_out_bn = (data - data.mean([0,2,3],keepdim=True)) / torch.sqrt(data.var([0,2,3],keepdim=True) + bn.eps)
my_out_bn = bn.weight.reshape(1,-1,1,1) * my_out_bn + bn.bias.reshape(1,-1,1,1)
print((out_bn - my_out_bn).abs().max())

I find the maximum absolute error could go as high as 7e-4, as it seems not reduce with double precision. Is there anyhting wrong in my own implementation? Thanks!

Use the biased variance data.var([0,2,3], unbiased=False, keepdim=True) as explained in the docs and you should see a lower error.

Thanks, the error is indeed reduced. Just a follow up question, does the layer use unbiased variance to accumulate running_var?

Yes, the unbiased variance is used to update the running_var.
A manual implementation can be seen here and should match PyTorch’s layer.

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