No code hints in Pycharm for torch 0.4.1!

PyCharm is a perfect IDE! With code completion and hints, coding can be easier.But I found for Pytorch 0.4.1, the feature is lost! And I don’t know why.Just like this:
The torch.empty method() is highlighted in yellow.And when I put mouse on the word “empty”, it shows that "Cannot find reference ‘empyt’ in ". Besides I wanna see the corresponding source code with pressing ‘ctrl’ key and clilcking the left mouse button!But it cannot work, either!
Anyone can help me!thanks!

HI Micheal,

This is a known issue tracked in

I think it’s on track to be fixed in a not too distant future release.

Ohoops, so it’s not my fault! I think I did something wrong causing this! Thanks for your answer!