Norm of a Tensor

For a 2-dimensional tensor, I want to normalize each row vector of it. In the formula, it’s like:


I know such code below can solve easily:

embedding_norm = Torch.norm(, dim=1, keepdim=True)

But I don’t understand why the value of parameter dim = 1. I’ve read doc. where it says the value of dim must be an int to calculate vector norm, but why the number is 1 here?

dim refers to which dimension normalize with respect
your two dimensional tensor has 2 dims, (x,y) which corresponds to dims (0,1)
if you set 0 it’s row-wise normalization.
If you set 1 it’s colum.wise normalization
extrapolable for N-dim tensors

I don’t know the complete example, but most likely the dimension 0 in your example is the batch size, so you want to get the norm of each vector from the batch.

Thank you for your help!

Yes, it seems like dim should be 0 here. The example code is implemented by others and they may made a mistake. Thanks!