Not getting what's happening in my code

I am new to PyTorch and was setting up my notebook for image classification task using pre-trained inception_v3 model. I first load image using PIL and preprocess it as follows:

std=[0.229, 0.224, 0.225]

preprocess = transforms.Compose([
                transforms.Normalize(mean, std)
image_tensor = preprocess(img)
image_tensor = image_tensor.unsqueeze(0)

Here is the problem. Now, I want to display this input image (image_tensor). My next cell looks like this:

x = image_tensor.squeeze(0) #remove batch dimension
x = x.numpy()
x = np.transpose( x , (1,2,0))   # C X H X W  ==>   H X W X C
x = np.clip(x, 0, 1)

If I run above cell it works fine and the image will be displayed. But If I run this cell again then image gets darker. If I run it once again then it gets even more darker. I have attached images. I am not getting why it’s happening and how can I stop this. I want this cell to display original input image every time I run it. Any explanation will be helpful to me. Thanks!


It looks like you are modifying your data. So every time you run the cell the modification you are doing is happening again.

Hi, I understand this. But not getting where is it happening. I don’t change image_tensor in this cell. Do you know how can I stop this? Thanks!

Yea my bad. So it looks like mul_ and add_ are ‘inplace’ operations which means that the underlying data will get modified. That’s probably why this is happening. Use:

I tried that. I also tried replacing that line with manual ops on each channel. It didn’t work.

Now, it works. I must have made some mistake.

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