Object detector porting on Android device

I’ve make my own object detector on Pytorch 0.3.

And I just want to implement my object detector to Android device.

It’s structure is similar to SSD Lite MobileNet V1, but little different.

Is there any way or solution to run object detector on android device?

I’ve read the implementation code about pytorch 0.4.1 with caffe 2 to implement pytorch classifier on android device, but that code doesn’t run properly.
(errors are occured everywhere and if error is disappeared, then that steps are only fits for classification)

I think, model porting example on pytorch’s tutorial() is only for classifier.
because classifier models are only returns its class information.
but, object detectors are returns x, y, w, h, and label.
So I think that some kinda inference code is needed to draw boxes on each frame.

I just want to make object detector apk file like Tensorflow Lite’s object detector SSD Lite tutorial.

Can you help me guys?

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