On-line pytorch documents runs too slow!

How come showing pytorch documents on web is so slow ?



I am not sure what you mean? Are you talking about the documentation? It opens quite smoothly for me.

That 's right. It runs too slow, taking a few minutes to move from one page to another, seeming especially so slow in expanding equation to final format. I do not see such a slow speed on other sites.

That is weird, it opens instantly for me.
Where do you access it from? Are you behind a firewall? Which browser are you using?

I am in Japan. For example, I have the difficulty in accessing on-line pytorch documents, say, torch.nn pages from both my work place, behind firewall, and my home, in the global. I use chrome 66.0.3359.181(Official Build).

Hum I can’t reproduce this behaviour… https://pytorch.org/docs/stable/nn.html loads instantly for me…

I agree with sekigh that it is inconveniently slow. Takes a couple of seconds to load the first view and then the next 20 seconds it is laggy if I try to scroll. (I am in Denmark using chrome in windows and ubuntu)

it’s unbearably slow and runs the CPU hot. Is there a mirror with simple static HTML pages instead ? nothing slows you down as much as slow reference documentation.


Hello. I also have this problem. Going from google to the PyTorch docs takes up to one minute. I am on MacOS, using Safari. I get a ‘load cursor’ and my computer starts lagging. I get this on no other webiste.

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