OOM Due to Pinned Parameters/Tensors

I’ve been iterating with a model for a while, and I’m running out of GPU memory. When I run the function below, I get a big long list of Parameter and Tensor objects. How do I tell PyTorch to release these objects? Running torch.cuda.empty_cache() doesn’t actually free up any memory.

def pretty_size(size):
	"""Pretty prints a torch.Size object"""
	assert(isinstance(size, torch.Size))
	return " × ".join(map(str, size))

def dump_tensors(gpu_only=True):
	"""Prints a list of the Tensors being tracked by the garbage collector."""
	import gc
	total_size = 0
	for obj in gc.get_objects():
			if torch.is_tensor(obj):
				if not gpu_only or obj.is_cuda:
					print("%s:%s%s %s" % (type(obj).__name__, 
										  " GPU" if obj.is_cuda else "",
										  " pinned" if obj.is_pinned else "",
					total_size += obj.numel()
			elif hasattr(obj, "data") and torch.is_tensor(obj.data):
				if not gpu_only or obj.is_cuda:
					print("%s → %s:%s%s%s%s %s" % (type(obj).__name__, 
												   " GPU" if obj.is_cuda else "",
												   " pinned" if obj.data.is_pinned else "",
												   " grad" if obj.requires_grad else "", 
												   " volatile" if obj.volatile else "",
					total_size += obj.data.numel()
		except Exception as e:
	print("Total size:", total_size)
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I have the same issue.