Optimizer not updating weights C++ Frontend

Hello! I am trying to implement Actor Critic algorithm in C++, and for some reason the weights of my Actor and Critic networks are not being updated.

My Actor.h

#pragma once
#include <torch/torch.h>

class ActorImpl : public torch::nn::Module {
        ActorImpl(int input_dims, int hidden_size, int n_actions);
        torch::Tensor forward(torch::Tensor state);
        torch::Tensor choose_action(torch::Tensor state);
        torch::Tensor calculate_loss(double gamma);

        torch::nn::Linear input;
        torch::nn::Linear pi;

My Actor.cpp

#include "Actor.h"
#include <torch/torch.h>

ActorImpl::ActorImpl(int input_dims, int hidden_size, int n_actions)
    : input(input_dims, hidden_size), pi(hidden_size, n_actions){
    register_module("input", input);
    register_module("pi", pi);

torch::Tensor ActorImpl::forward(torch::Tensor state) {
    auto x = F::relu(input->forward(state));
    return pi->forward(x);

torch::Tensor ActorImpl::calculate_loss(double gamma){
    vector<torch::Tensor> Pi, V;
    for(auto i = 0; i < _states.size(); i++){ // _states.size() has the same length as the episode length
        auto pi_i = forward(_states[i]);
        CriticImpl critic_instance(_input_dims, _hidden_size);
        auto v_i = critic_instance.forward(_states[i]);;

    double R = 0;
    vector<double> returns;
    for(auto i = 0; i < _rewards.size(); i++){
        R += pow(gamma,i)*_rewards[i];

    vector<double> log_probs;
    for(auto i = 0; i < _actions.size(); i++){
        auto probs = F::softmax(Pi[i], F::SoftmaxFuncOptions(1)); // converts list of logits to list of probabilities
        int action = _actions[i];
        double log_prob = log(probs[0][action].item<double>());

    vector<double> total_loss;
    for(auto i = 0; i < _states.size(); i++){
        double actor_loss  = -log_probs[i]*(returns[i] - V[i][0][0].item<double>());
        double critic_loss = pow(returns[i] - V[i][0][0].item<double>(), 2);
        total_loss.push_back(actor_loss + critic_loss);
    auto av_total_loss = accumulate(total_loss.begin(), total_loss.end(), 0) / (1.0*total_loss.size());
    torch::Tensor return_loss_as_tensor = torch::tensor(av_total_loss, torch::requires_grad());

    return return_loss_as_tensor;

My main.cpp

    // some parameters definitions here
    // ...
    auto cuda_available = torch::cuda::is_available();
    torch::Device device(cuda_available ? torch::kCUDA : torch::kCPU);
    cout << (cuda_available ? "CUDA available. Training on GPU." : "Training on CPU.") << '\n';

    Actor actor(input_dims, hidden_size, n_actions);
    torch::optim::Adam optimizer_actor(actor->parameters(), torch::optim::AdamOptions(lr));
    cout << "actor parameters" << endl << actor->parameters() << endl;

    // in between i do some stuff, pass observation state and compute the loss

    // now update the weights and biases
    torch::Tensor loss = actor->calculate_loss(gamma); 
    optimizer_actor.zero_grad(); // Reset gradients
    loss.backward(); // backpropagate loss
    optimizer_actor.step(); // update network parameters
    cout << "updated actor parameters" << endl << actor->parameters() << endl;

No runntime errors, but the parameters just do not change, no matter what I do with the learning rate. I know that the issue somehow must be with how I define my Actor class, because I have tried doing backdrop on some simple linear regression models, and everything worked.

The complete project is here, in case if you are interested:

I don’t see where actor->calculate_loss is defined so I would assume you might be using another class providing this method?
If it’s missing from your code snippets, check if you are detaching the computation graph in this method somehow.

Thank you for your reply! I have added the missing function. It is currently inside the Actor class. I just tried to keep things short, sorry.

Thanks for the missing code!
These lines of code:

auto av_total_loss = accumulate(total_loss.begin(), total_loss.end(), 0) / (1.0*total_loss.size());
torch::Tensor return_loss_as_tensor = torch::tensor(av_total_loss, torch::requires_grad());

are detaching av_total_loss from the computation graph by re-wrapping it into a new torch::tensor.
Remove the last line of code and see if this helps. If you are getting another error and used the re-wrapping as a workaround, please post this error as you would need to fix it properly.

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Thank you very much! Will try it out!