Passing in VS2019

Hi all !
I found the code GitHub - lsrock1/maskrcnn_benchmark.cpp: Implementation maskrcnn-benchmark, pytorch c++ frontend to implements maskrcnn in C++ but this code is for Ubuntu 16.04 and is old.
I want to upgrade it to work in VS2019 to do inference in Windows.
Some of you could be agree to help me in the task ?
We will exchange our skype and work together at volunteer because it is for a volunteer work.
Thank you
Best regards
PS :
In case there will be noone I will try myself, for example could have I help to this error :

Gravité Code Description Projet Fichier Ligne État de la suppression
Erreur C2893 La spécialisation du modèle de fonction ‘enable_if<std::is_same<X,T>::value,unknown-type>::type torch::autograd::Function::apply(Args &&…)’ a échoué layers C:\Users\Sylvain ARD\Dropbox\Documents Sylvain\travail avec Boubacar\maskrcnn C++\include\rcnn\layers\conv2d.h 20

thank you
best regards

nobody can help me ?