Phased LSTMs implementation in Pytorch

Has anyone implemented phased LSTM in Pytorch? I can’t find anything useful online.

I searched the same months ago and no one did. Maybe we should just do it ourself!
Any interest in team up?

I can contribute but I have very limited hours I can put in.

A bit late, but I made an implementation in a couple hours here if anyone else still needs a Torch version:

Hi, I am learning the PhasedLSTM now, and I want to refer to your torch version code. And the link couldn’t found now, do you have the backup of this code?

Sorry don’t know why it’s gone.

Here’s a re-upload of the gist, slightly modified:

I just modified it from the version in my codebase, deleting unnecessary code.
Haven’t tried running it for now, but should be fine. Hopefully no typos.

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