Problem splitting custom dataset in train/test data and taking the right Dataloaders

Im trying to load my custom dataset correctly using Dataset and Dataloaders

Splitting custom dataset in train/test data and creating train/test Dataloader does not pass the attributes of my dataset.

Based on the class CUSTOM_Dataset I can have access to the attributes of the DATASET created.
It works fine!


Splitting with, creates 2 sets that don’t inherit attributes from CUSTOM_Dataset.
I want to be able to play with the test_set created on last line of code. Having access to:


is important. But i get the Error:

>             AttributeError: 'Subset' object has no attribute 'values'

I can create empty lists and iterate over test_set and extract features
–> for i,_,_ in test_set:blah bblah , But this is very annoying.

I also have the same problem with train_loader, TEST_loader.

import torch
from import Dataset, DataLoader 

class CUSTOM_Dataset( Dataset ):
    def __init__(self, values, label_1, label_2, transform=None):
        # torch.tensor() always copies data.
        # If you have a NumPy ndarray and want to avoid a copy, use torch.from_numpy().      
        self.values = torch.from_numpy(values).float()
        self.label_1 = torch.from_numpy(label_1).int()
        self.label_2 = torch.from_numpy(label_2).int()
        self.transform = transform
    def __getitem__(self, index):
        x = self.values[index]
        y1 = self.label_1[index]
        y2 = self.label_2[index]
        if self.transform:
            x = self.transform(x)
        return x, y1, y2
    def __len__(self):
        return len(self.values)
# Setup Pytorch dataloaders                                         
def setup_data_loaders( dataset, batchsize ):
    '''Separate 80/20 the dataset  
    Return: train/TEST loader , test set'''
    test_size = len(dataset) - train_size
    train_set, test_set = dataset, [train_size, test_size] )                                                                               
    train_loader = DataLoader( train_set, 
                        pin_memory=False )  # Running on CPU
    TEST_loader = DataLoader( test_set, 
                        pin_memory=False)  # Running on CPU
    return(train_loader,TEST_loader, test_set )

#Creating the dataset
DATASET = CUSTOM_Dataset( values, label_1 ,label_2)   
# GET train/test  Dataloaders  and test set 
train_loader, TEST_loader, test_set = setup_data_loaders( DATASET, 500 )

Hello there. If you can split your values before creating the CUSTOM_Dataset you can create one CUSTOM_Dataset and one dataloader for train and test respectively. The splitting of values should be straightforward if it’s a numpy array. You can use numpy.random.choice(...) numpy.split() or sklearn train_test_split

Would that work for you?