Problems about running on multiple GPUs

Hi, I am new to pytorch and I have some problems running my program on multiple GPUs.
I wrapped my network as the docs said

net = CNN()
net = torch.nn.DataParallel(net, device_ids=[0, 1, 2, 3])
net = net.cuda()

The net module has a method named forward_batch. When I ran this code, it told me that ‘DataParallel’ object has no attribute ‘forward_batch’. I wonder if there is any method to solve this problem?

Thank you a lot!

what are you trying to do? calling forward_batch on net wont work after you wrapped it in a DataParallel because its a new class that is returned.

Thanks for your reply! I just want to forward batches. I know people usually rewrite the forward method and derive the result by
out = net(input)
I add the forward_batch method because the inputs to my network sometimes are different. I derive the result by
out = net.forward_batch(input)

It seems that the returned class doesn’t support this method. Maybe I should change the name of the method to forward?

yes you should change the name of the method to .forward and use net(input)