Problems porting Tensorflow model to PyTorch and code debugging


I’m trying to port this Tensorflow model to PyTorch (you can see my progress here).

When I run my code however, the loss does not seem to be dropping at all, and stabilizes ~.76 compared to the original Tensorflow model’s loss of ~.21

How should I go about debugging my code?

Another question about the implementation that I have is whether the code for l2 regularization is written correctly in PyTorch (in comparison to the reference code in TensorFlow).

    for k, batch in progress:

        score_pos, score_neg = model(batch)
        batch_loss = criterion(score_pos, score_neg)
        # adding l2 regularisation
        for name, param in model.named_parameters():
            if name in ['mem_layer.hop_mapping.weight', 
                l2 = torch.sqrt(param.pow(2).sum())
                batch_loss += (config.l2_lambda * l2)

        nn.utils.clip_grad_norm_(model.parameters(), config.grad_clip)

Any help would be appreciated.