Procedure for importing .py script

quite frustrated, i am having problems, implementing GCN model.

firstly, i have download those init.commits, upload to colab and then run by !python …py
then i have to install packages. After i finished all , the last script give me error of re not defined.
i imported re, still do not work… help, is my procedure right?

from imports import *
from callbacks import *
from nn import *
from support_functions import *

Could you post the error message you are getting?
Your currently posted code doesn’t seem to use any PyTorch-specific modules, so I assume you are struggling with Python imports in general?

i have already import re```

/content/3D/ in ()
72 return _inner
—> 74 _camel_re1 = re.compile(’(.)([A-Z][a-z]+)’)
75 _camel_re2 = re.compile(’([a-z0-9])([A-Z])’)
76 def camel2snake(name):

NameError: name ‘re’ is not defined

It seems that the import re is missing in /content/3D/
Could you add it there and rerun the script?
I assume that you are importing some functions from support_functions. Is that correct?