Pull request (torchvision) halted by CircleCI

I submitted a pull request (precision computation for Mask R-CNN), the first commit (finished 60/65 checks) had several minor issues (PEP8 style), which I fixed and added a new commit. The commit was halted by CircleCI, and the reported error was lack of macOS support (first commit was successful). Any suggestions? The error says:

  • Apologies! Your build didn’t run because you haven’t selected a plan that includes macOS yet. Please [change to a Performance Plan. ]. f you have any questions please feel free to contact support.


Thanks for the report!
cc @fmassa is that expected or a transient issue with circle ci?

First, I forked vision. Then, I created a commited on this fork, and it at least seems to be doing something on my branch. I sent pull request after the first commit. Here’s the screenshot of the commit on my branch:

The last commit I sent to master still has the same errors. I simply don’t understand what mistake I made apart from some style inconsistencies that I quickly fixed.

So I ended up stopping all commits and unfollowing my account, since some CircleCI’s services are not free event for such jobs. So I’m quite confused now, should I roll back commits and start a new one?


Can you link the corresponding PR?
This is most likely an issue on our side so I would wait on Francisco’s answer to know what’s happening :slight_smile:

Is this OK?

CircleCI also told someone on your side should review the pull request and merge the commits. The last one should be clean, the only issues I found were trailing whitespaces. If not, I’d like to know what and where I did wrong.

Sorry, I don’t know how this part work. You will have to wait on Francisco to clarify, I just pinged him but he is EU time so won’t answer right away.

Alright, I guess I have to wait, it doesn’t seem there’s anything else I could do, and I don’t want to add add another commit.

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I believe this issue is because you have enabled builds for your fork on CircleCI.

See https://github.com/pytorch/vision/pull/2331#issuecomment-651903677 for more details on how to fix this.

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