Pure C API in libtorch?

Hi I’m wondering if there is a C wrapper for the C++ API in libtorch?

I have read a few mentions of it, but haven’t come across any documentation or official mention of a C api, so maybe it doesn’t actually exist?

My project is in pure C and Fortran.

If one does not exist, I suppose my best bet would be to use the older Torch7?

Im not aware of such a wrapper.

I would also not recommend trying to use the deprecated Torch7 releases, as they wouldn’t even work with the latest GPU families. Would it be possible to use the C++ libtorch API instead?

Thanks for the information.

I’m new to machine learning, and I think that PyTorch probably isnt the right tool for the job.

I’m trying to add a neutral network to my application for edge devices.

Using C++ may be possible, but I have a personal preference for C

It seems to me that something like tensorflow lite is likely to be the type of tool im looking for.