Python Order of execution of instructions

How python can print instructions sequentially fallowing the order ?
I am running a lengthy code of python in which there are many loops and return functions and have a lot of computations but when I am printing some of the values to have a look of the output in pycharm IDE (run console) the order of execution is not sequential (maybe due to the computational time of different functions).Due to this the printed data is mixed and and some values are lost how I cant print all the values step by step (according to the written sequence of program)

that’s crazy, you’ll only get mixed output if you’re running python functions concurrently, in which case they are unordered by definition. you can only reconcile order of finished jobs, but this implies that you’re explicitly launching jobs and then collecting results in an ordered fashion (what you want to print should be a part of these results, not printed directly from ‘worker’ threads/processes)

yes you are right I was running functions concurrently I will study about reconcile order of jobs thank you very much