Pytorch 0.3.1 available for Windows

If you didn’t know, Peterjc has recently updated his Windows installation version to 0.3.1!

Hello …
First I want to thank you.
I have WIn 10 64 bit, python 3.6 32 bit and two days ago I try to download torch, pytorch but I cant, I found but for 64bit and I cant change to 64 now.
I check on pytorch website and try many commands put no one help me
all the time this error :
Solving environment: failed

Elapsed: -

An HTTP error occurred when trying to retrieve this URL.

can you please help help me ?

There is a list of installation commands on the link above. I followed those and I was able to successfully install Pytorch on Windows 10.

@Santosh_Manicka Thank you dear but no one help me … I try all them .
I work on python 3.6 32 bit