PyTorch 1.0 migration guide

Is there a migration guide for PyTorch 1.0? (for converting PyTorch 0.4 code to PyTorch 1.0 code), any links to articles/posts on this topic would also help. Thanks.


I’m sure one will be available when it is released.
There shouldn’t be any very big breaking change. It’s mostly opt-in stuff :slight_smile:

thanks for the quick reply @albanD, i have a model (object detection) trained in PyTorch 0.4, and am looking to deploy it on DeepLens/Jetson TX2/Raspberry Pi.

Since PyTorch 1.0 has been designed to make it easier to take models to production, I was trying to figure out what changes were required to the PyTorch 0.4 code. I don’t see too many articles/posts on deploying PyTorch 0.4 models on the edge.

Any links to articles/posts on deploying PyTorch 0.4 models for inference on edge devices would be very helpful.

Thanks again for your reply.

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PyTorch 1.0 is now released… do you know where the migration guide is?

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There is no migration guide for 1.0 as there are no major changes to be done in your code.
You can check the Breaking Changes section of the release notes to make sure that your code does not rely on any of them and then you’re good to go !

hope @albanD’s response is satisfactory, @thedch, thanks for replying @albanD,