Pytorch 1.6.0: Wrong true_divide on cuda


I just used new true_divide method on pytorch 1.6.0.
It possibly has a bug which took me quite a lot of time to trace back.

This code torch.tensor([435]).true_divide(15).ceil().long() gives 29 (correct result), while its cuda version torch.tensor([435]).to("cuda:1").true_divide(15).ceil().long() gives 30.

It might be something related to precision of math operators on cuda.
Do you guys know how to fix it?
Thank you.

The error is not created by the true_divide operation, but by the ceil operation, since the CUDA result is not exactly 29, but contains a small eps value of ~1e-6. This eps might be created, if the division is executed as a multiplication using the reciprocal.

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