Pytorch C++ Frontend is Crashing on the loading the Data

Hello Guys,

i need help! I’m trying to setup Pytorch(LibTorch) in Windows 10.
I was trying to use the Mnist Example on the Webpage from Pytorch ->

Its is crashing when i try to Load my dataset in a specific folder.

	auto dataset = torch::data::datasets::MNIST("/mnist")                  <-------------------
		.map(torch::data::transforms::Normalize<>(0.5, 0.5))

It crashed right in the first line with the Error Message:

Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFFC2B9A839 in testingmnist.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: c10::Error at memory location 0x000000B3FCAFE9C0.

The Folder is there i testet another location a fixed location and not a relative location.

When i try to debug i go into the functions so it dont crashes immidiatly.

I hope you guys can help me if you need more Information go and Ask.
Thank you for taking time to read this.


Ok new update it is failing always when it trys to do some Memory things.

The Exception is throwed by the kernel32.dll

I hope that will help.

Is it a Windows only problem ?

Could you please try the debug version and post the stack trace here?

Ok i got it fixed now. The problem was the Dataset that you download from the mnist site. Dont OPEN int with Winrar or other things. I opened it on Linux with tar and the all works. So Windows is fucking up the data.