Pytorch dataloader problem

I use pytorch 0.2.0 before, and program work well in this version.
but when I switch to 0.3.1, there are some problem occurred

1st is
from import _pin_memory_loop
ImportError: cannot import name _pin_memory_loop

2nd is
AttributeError: ‘MSDataLoaderIter’ object has no attribute ‘timeout’
Exception AttributeError: “‘MSDataLoaderIter’ object has no attribute ‘worker_pids_set’” in <bound method MSDataLoaderIter.del of <dataloader.MSDataLoaderIter object at 0x7f0ea0b55710>> ignored

is it difference between old and new version.
if it is, how can I replace with new version functions. seems I did not found it in pytorch Doc

Thank you

For your information, pytorch recently released v0.4.1 and there is a migration guide from 0.3, maybe it is worth upgrading to the latest version?