PyTorch docs and deep learning book

I have completed most of the beginner and intermediate level tutorials and now I am trying to read the entire docs together with Bengio’s deep learning book. I have several questions:

  • Issue of docs of PyTorch. I found that the documentation is not quite organized and I did not know where to start. So what is the relationship between different modules. For example, the “root” module determined the activity of all other modules and there are also similar master-slave relationship between other modules. Hopefully there would be a tree-view of the entire PyTorch package.
  • Issue of using PyTorch together with deep learning book. There are bunch of algorithms and fancy math in the deep learning book, and I could generally understand them. However, I do not know how there things are implemented in PyTorch and I want most of the details in the book make sense. Should I delve into the source code of PyTorch and how?

Wow this is quite wonderful. I am still at the beginner level and reading the docs along with some advanced math work. Really enjoying going through the notes and gathering my own reflections. Thanks!