PyTorch Get Started Page Gives Wrong Install Instruction

Not sure where do I report this but as per the topic suggest, the Start Locally | PyTorch gives the wrong install instruction if used without user interaction (default).

As of now, without user interaction (default), the install instruction is:

conda install pytorch torchvision cudatoolkit=9.2 -c pytorch -c defaults -c numba/label/dev

for CUDA 10.0. However, when the user clicks on CUDA 10.0, it then proceeds to give the correct install instruction, so this is just some initialization problem.

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Thanks for letting us know!
The install command indeed points to the CDUA9.2 install while CUDA10.0 is selected.
As you explained, the right command is shown after reselecting CUDA10.0.

Thanks for reporting. I fixed it via and the fix should be live in 5 minutes.

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