PyTorch - Loaded model not giving me the same results as it did before saving it

I’ve trained a model that is to be used for text generation. I’m still kind of new to saving and loading models for inference so, for experience’s sake I coded two versions. One where I train the model, save it, and directly generate text, and another where I load the saved model and generate the text from that point.

The first version generates text as I wanted it to, however the text generated from the loaded model is just gibberish. I noticed that the softmax results returned from the loaded model are all near equal as well…

This is how I save the model:

model_name = 'model.pth'
checkpoint = {'n_hidden': net.n_hidden,
              'n_layers': net.n_layers,
              'state_dict': net.state_dict(),
              'tokens': net.chars}

with open(model_name, 'wb') as f:, f)

And this is how it is loaded:

model_path = 'model.pth'
model = charRNN(chars, n_hidden, n_layers, lr, dropout)
checkpoint = torch.load(model_path)