Pytorch Logo copyright

Hi. I’m now writing a book on PyTorch which will be published in Amazon Kindle Store. I’d like to know if I can use PyTorch’s official logo (especially the fire image) as a part of the image of title cover.

pinging @smth about copyright stuff

@lucidfrontier45 I’ve sent you a private message. Using the logo with permission is okay.



Making a PyTorch NLP repository; one that differs from torchtext because it follows a more imperative design structure.

May I get permission to use the PyTorch logo with reference to the repo?


sure thing. go for it



We’re looking to make a logo for the torchbearer model fitting library:

Wondering if we can get permission to include the PyTorch logo as part of it.

Many thanks!

@ethanwharris go for it!

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Hi @smth

Along with some students and pytorch users I’ve just started a PyTorch NYC meetup. Could we get permission to use the logo please?


go for it, seems like a reasonable request.

Thank you :smile: and an extra big thank you for PyTorch!


Permission to use PyTorch logo on our Optuna website, please!


@Crissman Yes, go for it! :slight_smile:


Can I ask permission to use the pytorch logo for our project: fastai_xla_extensions ?

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cc: @tyoc213

@smth for my company I am writing a publicly available blog (doesn’t involve monetization) about converting existing/trained Theano/Lasagne models to PyTorch, I wanted to include the PyTorch logo in the blog splash image to quickly show the involved technologies to potential readers. Can I get permission to use the PyTorch logo for this?

@smth Can I please use the Pytorch logo in my Medium/TowardDataScience post? Thanks!

@smth Can I use pytorch’s official logo in my book cover? This book is an introductory book for machine learning & deep learning and written using pytorch. It will be published in Korea.

@baek2sm yes, please, go for it.

@smth Can we use the PyTorch logo on a DARPA ERI poster?