Pytorch on Jetson Nano 2GB

I’ve been trying to replicate this (Running PyTorch Models on Jetson Nano | PyTorch)o) blog post and run my own implementation of the yolov5. I followed the steps in the post and installed pytorch 1.9 which however did not installed properly since python enviroment says its pytorch 1.8., secondly the link for torchvision is no-longer working and i did not managed to install it. Im trying to run inference using containers and i even downloaded the docker image for pytorch 1.8. The issues for me is i have no idea how to run is this way and i dont really understand things like container,image, docker. With that being said, could anyone help me with the step-by-step how to run my python script in the r32.6.1-pth1.8-py3 image ?