page keeps loading page keeps loading and freezing Chrome on OS X, most of the time it doesn’t freeze just loads super long time. Is it something that only I’m experiencing?

main problem is it takes 33.6s to load… and the page is unresponsive in the mean time, as you can imagen it’s supper annoying to read the docs if it takes 30s+ for every refresh…


Our website does not contain this page. This is most certainly added to the page by some adware on your browser/os. Could you please double check that?

I launched Safari - a browser that I usually don’t use - went into their private browsing mode, and under Network tab it still shows request being made. But it takes only 135ms with Safari. I don’t have any Extension on Safari.

This seems to be some kind of Google Double Click Analysis/Tracking Pixel.
But usually these should not take so much time to load.
In my case it only took something like 14ms (Firefox, OS X)


For me it’s been going on for months. First time I tried out PyTorch I just gave up because of this and went back to TensorFlow.

You could deactivate your plugins in Chrome to check if one of them slows down your download, especially if you use any caching plugins.

I’ve tried to fix this now, hopefully in a couple of hours these calls are not made anymore. The issue was with google analytics.