Pytorch running on GPU, memory anomalies

This issue is closed. It was just a bug when initializing the instances.

We created a model with 15 layers, FP32, each layer size 12K (so weights are 4x12Kx12K = 576MB). So, the model size itself is 576*15= 8.6GB and there are activations, input layers etc. The size of the model alone cannot fit into an 8GB GPU.

Yet Pytorch runs fine on the GPU using only about 4.7GB while training (checking nvidia smi or torch memory allocated). We also printed the model.state_dict() and it shows the layers as we defined them.

We also noticed that the CPU process is spiking on virtual memory going up to 50 GB. Any explanations? Thanks.

The very high virtual memory is expected and always there.

How big is the model when you save its state_dict to disk?

We should have tried the checkpoint save. Just printing the model state_dict info was misleading. It seems we found that it is a bug. It was a bug … the actual model may have been smaller due to the way it was initialized. Sorry about that … will close this issue. Thanks!

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