PyTorch version differences

Hello, I am comparing two PyTorch versions for JetPack 5.1 on a Jetson AGX Orin

torch-2.0.0+nv23.05-cp38 from here

torch-2.0.0a0+ec3941ad.nv23.2-cp38 from here

I would like to understand how different these two versions are and possibly find the commits that are different between the two. Would appreciate any suggestions on how to do this.

The 2.0.30a0+ec3941ad is a pre-2.0 version from the git repo of PyTorch from January 12 (the ec… is the commit id) while the torch-2.0.0 identifies PyTorch 2.0(.0) (git tag v2.0.0). Based on the NVidia page you linked, I would get the impression that they’re built directly from the source checkout as described on the pages you linked.

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Thanks for your reply, this is clear now.