Question: building from source with CUDA, requires cuda 10.2 or above?

i have read readme in torch repo, and found that:

If you want to compile with CUDA support, install the following (note that CUDA is not supported on macOS)

* [NVIDIA CUDA]( 10.2 or above
* [NVIDIA cuDNN]( v7 or above
* [Compiler]( compatible with CUDA

**is that means cuda 11 or later not supported? **

You’re building from source on macOS, macOS doesn’t support CUDA.

No, to build PyTorch from source with CUDA support you need at least CUDA 10.2 or a newer release as given in:

10.2 or above

(Note the above phrase)

It seems that your documents generally use later more often. excuse my poor english and thanks for help

macos is my local env thanks