Question on ROCm support for W6800

Hey all,

I’m slowly working on building a local compute cluster for working on ml projects but recently realized I may have rushed a little. I was curious if anyone here has experience using a W6800 with PyTorch? My plan is to set up a few nodes over time running Ubuntu for distributed training (somewhat new to Linux so very open to recommendations here), but I have now realized that W6800 is listed as a supported GPU on PyTorch for ROCm.

A second question: how does the W6800 compare to an RTX 3090 Ti? Benchmarks for games look fairly equal, however this is not exactly super relevant. My original goal was to set up a compute cluster with 3090 Tis, but the W6800 having 32GB of VRAM is obviously more alluring to me now and I could easily sell the 3090 Ti I bought in order to partially fund a W6800.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? My apologies if this is the wrong category, however it seemed there was no great category for this.