Questions about the Transformers NER usage example

I’m just learn Pytorch and was following the NER example here that produces this output:

    {'word': 'Hu', 'score': 0.9995632767677307, 'entity': 'I-ORG'},
    {'word': '##gging', 'score': 0.9915938973426819, 'entity': 'I-ORG'},
    {'word': 'Face', 'score': 0.9982671737670898, 'entity': 'I-ORG'},
    {'word': 'Inc', 'score': 0.9994403719902039, 'entity': 'I-ORG'},
    {'word': 'New', 'score': 0.9994346499443054, 'entity': 'I-LOC'},
    {'word': 'York', 'score': 0.9993270635604858, 'entity': 'I-LOC'},
    {'word': 'City', 'score': 0.9993864893913269, 'entity': 'I-LOC'},
    {'word': 'D', 'score': 0.9825621843338013, 'entity': 'I-LOC'},
    {'word': '##UM', 'score': 0.936983048915863, 'entity': 'I-LOC'},
    {'word': '##BO', 'score': 0.8987102508544922, 'entity': 'I-LOC'},
    {'word': 'Manhattan', 'score': 0.9758241176605225, 'entity': 'I-LOC'},
    {'word': 'Bridge', 'score': 0.990249514579773, 'entity': 'I-LOC'}
  1. Shouldn’t the first entity be labeled ‘B-ORG’?
  2. Do I need to write my own function to stitch split words like ‘Hugging’ back together or is there something prebuilt for that?

This question seems to be specific to the documentation of Huggingface’s Transformers.
CC @Thomas_Wolf to answer this specific question or to refer to some documentation.