Random crash with PyTorch 1.8.2


I have a random crash at init on Ubuntu 20.04, using PyTorch C++ 1.8.2.
I don’t exactly know where it crashes, Valgrind report issue after TorchLibraryInit.

I could reproduce in Debug mode.

We were using PyTorch 1.5.1 before, and it was working well. So maybe we’re missing something for PyTorch 1.8.2 ?
Is there a way to activate some logs from PyTorch to have more info on what is going on?


Could you try to update to the latest stable release (1.13.1) and check if you are still seeing the issue?

Well, that is what I did after posting my message. First impression is that it is not crashing anymore, I’ll need to run more tests though.
So it could be enough, but I don’t really know why, as a developer, that doesn’t statisfy me :slight_smile:
I’ll run more tests tomorrow to be sure I don’t see any issue.