Raspberry Arm64 binaries

Hi, I have had a few failures, trials and errors with conda and the compile and just wondered if there are any completed wheels for Pi-OS-64

Its available even if Beta in desktop & lite form https://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspios_lite_arm64/images/raspios_lite_arm64-2020-08-24/

Anyone got any links, tutorials or even an official method as that would be so sweet.

I have failed on debian Arm64 & Ubuntu following some gists I found and the length of time it takes is killing my resolve.

Are there any binaries anywhere or would anyone post me to a recent and known working install for raspios_arm64

Thanks all


Heya, I have a rather old PyTorch build for Debian 64 bit (http://mathinf.com/pytorch/arm64/), but I’ve ordered a 8GB Raspberry Pi to ease some of the pain of building it and will see to having PiOs-64 builds.

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I should actually grab my pi4 (2gb) as why I am trying to build on a Pi3A+ is a mystery to be honest and is the definition of pain :slight_smile:

There is a lite version now of the 64bit of raspios https://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspios_lite_arm64/images/raspios_lite_arm64-2020-08-24/ even if still a beta its likely to end up a datum distro for Pis.

Debian is fine but guess you will be building 1.6 so might wait.

Well, so for the packages there, I used a 4GB Raspberry. Crucially, I did not set up swap. (For good reason!)
I just ran python3 setup.py bdist_wheel as usual. This builds on 4 cores. When compiling the extremely large autogenerated files (the ones wrapping ATen into autograd and Python), it runs out of memory and gets killed. Then I ran cmake manually for a bit with -j1 (1 process at a time) and when I got bored switched to -j4 again. Maybe with the 8GB I can just run -j2 throughout or something.

I’ll look at building with the Raspberry OS (64 bit Raspbian wasn’t yet available a year ago). Thank you for handing me an excuse to get the 8GB one. :slight_smile: It is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, so we’ll see if I have packages over the weekend.

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I usually install my zram-swap utility but go shy on the compression ratio and then add a backup decent swap drive and get most done in memory.

They where just a bit of a protest about the big distros actually getting a decent utility available but seem to of been popular.
But its all personal choice and opinion but seen as you got a 8gb I will wait :slight_smile:
Did the official lite of RaspiOS 64 tempt you?

It would be amazing if we could get an official wheel for RaspiOS 64 though.

I now have PyToch 1.6 / TorchVision 0.7 for 64 bit Raspberry OS posted on my page linked above. Compiling PyTorch on the 8GB Raspberry Pi worked out of the box (no swap needed, no memory problems) and took a bit less than 4 hours (the .git checkout and the whl have timestamps exactly 4 hours apart, but I did the installation of requirements in between, too).
I hope you enjoy it.

Best regards


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Cheers Tom.

Many thanks.

Sorry for the intrusion, I wanted to ask if anyone tried to install torchaudio on pi4 with ubuntu 20.10 because I didn’t succeed …

I built and used TorchAudio on Raspberry Pi OS (wheels are linked from the page linked above in the January 2021 update).
The main caveat is that it uses Python 3.7. If you need a newer Python version, you’d need to recompile, but the instructions should be broadly the same.

thank you very much, I will try to install by re-filling the latest version.