Re-permute SubsetRandomSampler at every epoch

Is there a way to re-permute the indices for SubsetRandomSampler at each epoch without re-initialising the DataLoader at each epoch? I am loading a large dataset so do not want to reload it at every epoch.

my dataloader function is:

def train_dataloader(args):
    train_dataset_file = "{0}/train_data_{1}.hdf5".format(args.locations["train_test_datadir"],args.region)
train_dataset = data_io.ConcatDataset("train",args.nlevs, train_dataset_file, args.locations['normaliser_loc'], args.batch_size, xvars=args.xvars,
             yvars=args.yvars, yvars2=args.yvars2, samples_frac=args.samples_fraction, data_frac=args.data_fraction, no_norm=args.no_norm)
    indices = list(range(train_dataset.__len__()))
    train_sampler =
    train_loader =, batch_sampler=None, batch_size=None, sampler=train_sampler, shuffle=False)
    return train_loader

And I call it as follows:

def train_loop(model, loss_function, optimizer, scheduler, args):
    training_loss = []
    train_ldr = train_dataloader(args)
    validation_loss = []
    test_ldr = test_dataloader(args)
    for epoch in range(1, args.epochs + 1):
        ## Training
        train_loss = 0
        for batch_idx, batch in enumerate(train_ldr):
            # Sets the model into training mode
            # print(batch_idx)

Looking further at this it seems the change here

will allow me to use shuffle=True with batch_size=None and I will not need to use SubsetRandomSampler. I am just wondering if anyone can think of a way I can do this in the mean time? Thanks.

Do you want to shuffle the passed indices in the SubsetRandomSampler or would you like to shuffle the global indices again and create new subsets?
In the former case the indices would already be reshuffled in each epoch as seen here:

class MyDataset(Dataset):
    def __init__(self):
    def __getitem__(self, index):
        return torch.randn(1)
    def __len__(self):
        return 10

indices = torch.arange(10)
sampler =
dataset = MyDataset()
loader = DataLoader(dataset, sampler=sampler)

for epoch in range(2):
    for _ in loader:

Thank you! I misunderstood how SubsetRandomSampler works. I thought it was keeping the same order of indices as it was initialised with and shuffle was required in the DataLoader.