Reinitializing the weights after each cross validation fold

I was wondering how I would re-initialize the weights of my model without having to re-instantiate the model?

This is not a robust solution and wont work for anything except core torch.nn layers, but this works:

for layer in model.children():
   if hasattr(layer, 'reset_parameters'):

I ended up saving the initial model parameters into a temporary file and then reloading it at the start of each CV fold.

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two questions:

  1. for it to work for any layer, the user has to implement their own layer with that method I assume, right?
  2. why didn’t you use .modules()?

based on this we probably need .modules() to properly recursively go into all modules in the model:

The C++ way is below

auto net = std::make_shared<Net>();

for(auto pair :net->children())
    if(pair->name() == "torch::nn::LinearImpl")

were Net is

struct Net : torch::nn::Module {